Top 5 Fittest Men in Tennis – Tennis Fitness Workout Routine

Raw Tennis Performance – Tennis Fitness Training Program
Top 5 Fittest Men in Tennis – Tennis Fitness Workout Routine

Top 5 Fittest Men in Tennis


Fittest Tennis Pros

When people tell me, “If you played today, you would be competitive against Federer,” I just start laughing. My ass would get kicked so fast and so hard. The fitness, the training, the preparation, and the understanding of the game have all changed since I played 20 years ago. These guys are more complete players. There are few or no weaknesses in their games today. Now you have to be strong, agile, quick, and be able to last longer than the opponent if it comes down to it…



Is Novak Djokovic the fittest athlete of all time?

Djokovic is so remarkably athletic that good judges are often blinded. They see only the product of the gym: the discreetly muscled physique, the full-splits flexibility, the combination
 of staying power and brief recovery time. But he’s not the best just because he is the fittest. He’s the best because he has allied physical preparation on and off the court, mental tenacity and technical ability, to a level never previously seen in tennis. 
Or perhaps – and here’s the thing – any other sport…



Tennis Workout Routine For Junior and Competitive Tennis Players

A tennis workout routine is more than just a casual daily practice regimen. To play at an elite level, only the best tennis workout routine will suffice.



11 Fitness Principles for Competitive Tennis Players

There are several key fitness principles I’ve learned which, based on speaking to many of you in my audience and reading tennis forums, are either unknown or not practiced by much of the tennis community. Your talent will never be realized if you don’t put in the work to level up your fitness. Below are the 11 most important fitness principles that improved my tennis game…


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